parasailing split
If you are planning your trip to Croatia this year, don’t just sit back! Try out intriguing Parasailing Split Croatia and soar in the air to experience this ultimate fun activity.

Parasailing Split


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Parasailing Split Croatia is hard to resist. Experience the unmatchable activity of sailing in the air while seeing the beautiful views of Split Croatia. Feel the wind on top of Split Croatia and enjoy the unforgettable picture of this beautiful place.

  • Scenery from above
  • Professional instructors
  • Unique experience
  • Adventure
  • Panoramic sight

Tour details

10 min

Minimum Age:
6 years

Group Size:
1 or 2 persons

Croatian, English

Printed & Mobile accepted

Easy Cancellation:
Min 48 hours before departure

Includes and Excludes

10-15 mins Parasail flight Beach towels
Trained crew Pick up and drop off from the hotel
Specially adapted boat Turning off of route
Perfect equipment Food
1 or 2 photo


Boarding in our boat in Marina
Parasailing fly above Split

What to bring

Smile 🙂
Sun cap

Parasailing Split Croatia

About Tour

Parasailing Split Croatia is a fun activity to do for both kids and adults. It adds adventure to your visit whether it’s a vacation or a weekend plan.
For about 10-15 minutes,
you will fly over the crystal clear waters and see Split from a different perspective
and also discover the turquoise bay of the Blue lagoon.
As you soar in the air with a huge parachute, a boat will be behind you for your safety. A captain and a crew will hoist you allowing you to fly over the waves to enjoy the wind against your face. To get the best experience, it is better to plan watersports in Croatia in the summers. So, sunscreen and sunglasses become necessary things to bring. Bringing your ID or any kind of identity proof will be better.

Good to know before you book Parasail in Split:

  • With the perfect equipment and the right instructions, you can have a wonderful experience that will end up being the highlight of your fun vacation.
  • People under the age of 18 can still enjoy this tour under adult supervision only.

Frequently asked questions

Is prior parasailing experience required?

No, you do not need any prior parasailing experience.

What if I don’t have prior parasailing experience?

Don’t worry if you do not have prior experience, the Captain and the crew will do all the work for you. You just have to get ready to have some incredible time with your better half.

Do I need to learn how to swim?

You do not need to have a swim experience because the takeoffs and landings will be from the dock of the boat and you do not even get wet. In case of the malfunctioning boats or in case of the bad weather, the parasailors slowly drifts backs and the lifejackets will save it.

Can pregnant women go parasailing in Split?

Pregnant women are not allowed to do parasailing or go on the boat. Please come the next year when your little bundle of love arrives.

What’s the minimum age required for parasailing in Split?

Anyone above 5 years can go parasailing in Split, but children under 18 must be accompanied by adults or must have written permission from a guardian.

Can I go if I have a neck injury, back, or spinal injury in the recent past?

Refrain from parasailing if you have suffered from these injuries in the past.

Do you provide multi-passenger flights?

Yes, we offer multiple passenger flights that can accommodate 2 or 3 people. The captain usually takes the decision to take multiple passenger flights based on the weather conditions.

Can a minor go parasailing?

Yes, a minor can go parasailing, but he has to be at least 125lbs. If he is less than 125lbs he has to be accompanied by an adult to make up the required weight.

What if I change my mind while I left the dock?

You can change your mind while on the boat, but once the boat leaves the dock you will not be refunded the whole amount. But this rarely happens because whoever reaches there could not resist going themselves after seeing how gentle and fun it actually is.

Is parasailing in Split scary?

If you have been thinking about parasailing in Split being scary, you are entirely wrong. It is a very peaceful and serene activity. You won’t have a frightening experience as the landings and take-offs are gradual from the back of the boat. If you have a fear of heights that’s an exception.

What should I wear and what things can I take?

Dress according to the weather. Wear long-sleeved shirts, if you are too sensitive to the sun, and wear a sweater if the weather is cool. On good warm days, choose your favorite beach attire or bathing suit. Have sunblock and bottled water to keep yourself hydrated. Anything that’s expensive should be left behind.

Should I take my phone or personal camera with me?

Although we offer a digital photo package to capture those special moments up in the sky if you can take your phone or personal camera at your own discretion. Whatever you choose to do, please take into consideration the risks and the heights.

Do we need to make reservations ahead of time?

Since we have limited space, we encourage visitors to make reservations ahead of time. If you show up without making any reservations, you might have to wait for a number of hours. If you are lucky enough, you will go parasailing without waiting too long.

Can I cancel my booking what is your refund policy?

If your booking gets canceled due to the bad weather, then we reschedule it or refund your money. But if you want to cancel it you have to inform us 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time so that we can initiate it according to the specific terms and conditions.

When should we plan for a parasail during our vacation in Split?

Plan your parasail during the first part of your vacation in the city of Split, this way you will be able to experience the magic without worrying about weather conditions.

Which time of the day do you provide parasailing activities?

The boats depart during the whole day beginning from 9 am in the morning till the sunlight allows. Head to our website to check availability for each day. Please note that this outdoor beach activity is best for the first part of the day, because the chances of wind may increase throughout the day.

Would you recommend tipping the crew?

Our crew does its best to make sure you have lifetime memories, and it always appreciates a tip.

How long are the parasailing Split trip times?

A time of parasailing does not go longer than an hour including the times when the boat leaves the dock and returns back.

Parasailing in Split Croatia can give you an experience of its kind to help you have lifelong memories, so what’s your plan?


"One of the best experiences in life"

The staff was professional and experienced. I felt safe from the start to the end. It is one of the best experiences in life. Parasailing in Split among the breathtaking views is an experience for a lifetime.

Billy, Southampton
"Breathtaking views, great team"

My partner and I had the first-ever parasailing experience. We enjoyed it to the fullest. The staff is super fun and friendly. We had a very smooth parasailing experience among the breathtaking views. Highly recommended.

Meghan, United States
"Worth a try"

The 10 minutes parasailing among the natural wonders of Split is worth a try. Amazing views. Safe experience. Friendly staff. Highly recommended. 

Dirk, Germany

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