jet ski split croatia
Experience adrenaline rush and have a spectacular time riding the waves on a jet ski Split Croatia.

Jet Ski Split Croatia


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Jet ski Split Croatia is one of the most popular adventures in Split, Croatia. Discover Split and Čiovo island in the most attractive and exciting way. Ride the waves, swim in the crystal clear Croatian sea & enjoy one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

  • Professional instructors
  • High-speed Jet Skis
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Fun & challenging

Tour details

120 min

Minimum Age:
18 years

Group Size:
1 or 2 persons per Jet Ski

Croatian, English

Printed & Mobile accepted

Easy Cancellation:
Min 48 hour before departure

Includes and Excludes

80 Minutes of riding (35 minutes Jet Boat Ride and 45 minutes on a Jet Ski ) Turning off of route
30 minutes of free time for various activities (swimming & snorkeling) Snacks
Snorkel Mask Lunch
All necessary safety equipment
Well-trained staff
Professional Instructor


The meeting point is here, (Trumbiceva 13)
Split – Čiovo island (Jet Boat Extreme 15 minutes ride)
45 minutes of Jet Ski Safari Tour
Swimming, snorkeling, 40 minutes of free time
Čiovo island – Split (Jet Boat Extreme 15 minutes return ride)
Tour 1 10:30h – 12:30h
Tour 2 12:00h – 14:00h
Tour 3 13:30h – 15:30h
Tour 4 16:30h – 18:30h

The Best Jet Ski Safari in Split Croatia

About Jet Ski Safari Tour


jet ski safari split meetup and departure

The jet ski safari in Split begins from the Split, Trumbiceva 13 as a meeting point.
This 120-minute adventurous journey is going to turn your sorrows into eternal joy.
If you don’t want to miss a chance to catch up on every necessary guideline or a chance to get together with your team members, it is suggested to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier.
As well as you can make new social acquaintances while you are staying in Split. There are several schedules for the tour, just pick up a time that suits you best.


jet ski safari split croatia

Once you step into the wide-open majestic Adriatic Sea you will forget the feeling of pain and sorrow.
The jet ski safari split begins with the Adrenaline ride of Jet boar extreme.
Those who already have experienced know what the Jetboat extreme is, for those who don’t know, it’s like a jet ski ride but with more fun and adventure.
The jet extreme boat is a small ship with a Jet engine that allows it to mark a top speed of 80 kph.
Once the ride begins you will discover an utterly different valley. A valley of water with scenic views of the surrounding and plenty of small islands around the Adriatic Sea.

As the jet extreme boat gains speed, it will unlock its additional features. you are suggested to bring mandatory stuff with you, like diving glasses, skin lotion if you have sensitive skin, and other recommended equipment. Because when Jet Ski starts to run at its top speed splashing water around it, you probably won’t be able to see through the salty water. eventually, you will miss a lot of breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.

The jet extreme boat isn’t just a speedy machine, you will also experience exciting moments when it starts spinning. the jet extreme boat can spin 360°, when it starts spinning you will feel like having a roller coaster ride on a lenient surface of the water. pleasure doesn’t end here, you should hold tight while sitting in the jet extreme boat, grab something close to you because anytime it could dive into the water and you will be underwater for a few seconds.

That sounds a lot of fun and also dangerous, but you are in the safe hands of professionals who keep on track until you reach the ground. further, the Jet extreme boat is designed to prefer safety first, so you don’t have to worry. The jet extreme boat ride ends in 10-15 and from here you will enter into the next phase of the jet ski safari tour.


jet ski safari split

When you reach the wonderland of Ciovo island, you will enter another zone of pleasure.
Here you will discover plenty of exciting activities.
The Jetski ride is one of the most loving activities on Ciovo island. You will have 45 minutes to make most of your time on the surface of crystal blue water.
While riding a jet ski you can explore hidden gems around the island along with the heavenly beauty of the surrounding islands.
Moreover, if you don’t know how to ride a jet ski, there are always professional guides available who escort you.
There’s a specific area of the ocean you can explore while staying on Ciovo island in the end, it’s up to you how you choose to explore or spend your time.


jet ski safari tour from split croatia

After an adrenaline ride on the jet extreme boat and an exciting experience on a jet ski safari, you definitely want to catch a breath.
Therefore, you can spend 40 minutes of rest time on the island.
You can have some peace in a peaceful environment or can grab snacks, cold drinks, seafood, pizzas, and burgers in restaurants and beach bars.


split croatia

After spending almost 2 hours of unforgettable adventure, now it’s time to pack up. But it’s not the end, the Jetboat awaits you to take you back. Once more, get ready to experience the adrenaline breath-taking ride of this marvelous water engine. In 10-15 minutes you will reach where you left from.
The jet ski safari tour comes to end but not the spirit of tourism and adventures. You are always welcome here, whenever you want to have another experience of this adrenaline tour.

What to bring

Smile 🙂
Beach Towel
Any identity document; ID Card, Passport, (to prove person identity)

Good to know before book:

People under the age of 18 can still enjoy this tour under adult supervision only.

Jet Ski Split Croatia

Frequently asked questions

What If I don’t have any prior Jet Skiing experience?

Prior Jet Skiing experience is not needed. Frankly, controlling a Jet Ski is as easy as riding a bike.
Still, you will have to make the decision whether or not you are ready for an adrenaline-packed adventure.
In our experience, it is best that you pick another type of activity if you don’t consider yourself
ready to handle fast driving and swimming (if needed) in the open sea, (without sharks, don’t worry!:)

What if the weather is bad?

Let’s start off by saying that we cannot control the weather.
It can change in a matter of minutes and the weather forecast can’t really help us all the time
because of the wind that can rise incredibly fast.
If it is determined that it is best to cancel the departure due to bad weather conditions,
we will make sure to notify you as soon as possible. In that case, we can offer you a refund or we can reschedule your trip when it is convenient for you. You can learn more about our cancellation and refund policy further on the page.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age requirement for Jet Ski Safari Split is 18. People under the age of 18 can still enjoy this tour but only with adult supervision.
If you’re younger than 18 and you don’t have an adult with you,
we are truly sorry but our hands are tied and we won’t be able to let you on our Jet Skis.

Should I bring my smartphone with me?

This is probably the most frequently asked question that gets asked almost on a daily basis.
Unfortunately for all of you selfie lovers reading this,
we do not advise bringing your smartphone on board. Still, plenty of folks disregard our recommendation and bring it on anyway.
So far, we haven’t had any mishaps but that doesn’t mean they won’t happen to you.
For what it’s worth if you are really keen on bringing your smartphone,
but don’t want to risk it suffering water damage, securing it with a waterproof case might be your best bet.

What is cancellation/refund policy?

As above mentioned, the Jet Ski Safari Tour Split will be canceled only in case of bad weather,
and we will offer you a full refund or reschedule your tour for another date.
In case you want to initiate the cancellation, we require at least 48 hours’ notice. You will be able to set another date or select an alternative tour. We do not issue refunds if you cancel the tour.

I booked the Jet Ski tour, and the tour was canceled. When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be issued on the day of the cancellation. However, it can take 3-5 working days for the banks to transfer the money back. Please be patient and if you have any problems contact us directly! We will be more than happy to help.

I booked the Jet Ski Safari tour online, but I have not received the confirmation and the ticket. What should I do?

There can be some delays in receiving the confirmation
and the ticket due to the process of payment (sometimes, it takes some time). Once your payment is confirmed
you will receive a confirmation e-mail which is valid proof of your reservation.
If you do not receive this,
please check your spam folder and/or make sure you entered a valid e-mail address when making the booking.
If you still have problems, please contact us!

Can I bring something to record videos and take selfies on Jet Skis?

Selfies for jet ski safari Split are always welcome!
However, like we already mentioned above
– we would not advise you to bring your
smartphone on board without some sort of a waterproof casing.
On the other hand,
if you have one of those waterproof cameras
(GoPros or similar models) you should be all set to make a fine video memory of your adventures.
Once again, our Jet Skis have a dry compartment
to fit your electronics but if you want to stay on the safe side,
either leave your phone in the apartment or
waterproof it with a specialized case.


"Explore Split in an unusual way"

Driving along the bay of Kastela to the island of Ciovo, I was amazed by the view.
Renting a jet ski to experience the surroundings of Split in this way was the best
decision possible.

Marco, Italy
"Highly recommend this tour in Split!"

Riding the waves, I enjoyed the speed of the jet ski and the view. I highly recommend
Jet Ski Safari because of their very professional staff and excellent offer!

Maria, Barcelona
"My first experience on a jet ski."

I was a bit anxious when I booked the tour because I haven’t ridden a jet ski before,
but the staff was very professional; they’ve explained everything in the detail. I felt
safe and, in the end, it was a lot of fun. I highly recommend the tour!

Jack, Usa

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